Ask Yourself 4 Questions Every Day

Chapter 47 in my book (Bootstrap Leadership) includes advice for asking yourself three questions every night on your commute home. These questions are designed as a quick self-reflection of your leadership:

  1. How did I show up as a leader today?
  2. What did I communicate today?
  3. Who did I develop today?

I’ve been asking audiences all summer to think about these questions – recommending that they spend a few minutes each night reflecting on the answers and planning how they can do better the next day. I think they’re a great way to “take stock” of how others are experiencing your leadership.

Last week, I was with a group in Washington DC, talking about the book. And when we hit this slide, a hand went up in the back of the room. I called on the guy, and he dropped this nugget on me – “I think there might be a fourth question you could ask yourself each night – who did I thank today?”

Wow, I love that – what a great addition to the “nightly question” routine. It’s the leader’s job to communicate and develop people, but it’s also their job to say thank you. So let’s make the adjustment right here… how about it? Are you asking yourself these four questions every day?