Bad Bosses Can Teach You A Lot

Great news! You know that boss you hate, the one who doesn’t seem to know a thing about leading people?  Guess what – you can learn everything you need to know about leadership if you pay close attention.  Notice everything they do, and then do the opposite.  Remember how well that worked for George on Seinfeld?   Do the opposite, and you’ll be leading effectively in no time.

Seriously – isn’t the bad boss a perfect blueprint for how not to lead?  I’ve had my share of great bosses, and but sadly, I’ve had more than a few duds, too.  And I’ve learned a lot from both styles.  For a moment, let’s examine the bad boss and glean a few leadership lessons.  I’ve known bosses who have never left their offices – memo to self, get out and spend time with your people.  I’ve known bosses who screamed and hollered at people in front of others – hmm, a key takeaway – treat people with respect.  I’ve known bosses who took all the credit when things went well, but were quick to blame others when things went south – gosh, maybe that should be exactly the other way around.

You get the point – if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck right now with a bad boss – take heart, there is a silver lining. At least there’s no end to your learning curve on leadership; just take note of their style and do the opposite.  George would be proud of you.