Leadership Lessons

Is Success a Greater Teacher Than Failure?

 There is a growing body of research that connects neuroscience to leadership - and one of the more fascinating discoveries is that the brain can “rewire” itself based on experience, something scientists call neuroplasticity. Recently, a team at MIT published a study documenting a popular form of environmental feedback that may trigger this rewiring – success.  Of particular interest was... read more

The Mt. Rushmore of Development Opportunities

In all my years of coaching executives, I’ve come across some consistent development themes and behavior patterns. Some of these challenges are easy to identify and craft development plans for, such as communications, developing talent, public speaking, conflict resolution, presentation skills, and listening more effectively.  All of these opportunities have one thing in common: there exists a fairly broad understanding... read more

Strategy, Process, People – A Problem Solving Model

Here’s an easy model to use when trying to get at the root of a business problem. Challenge yourself (and your team) to think of the issue as emanating from one of 3 places – strategy, process, or people.  Before you get to actual solutions, be sure you’ve agreed as a team about which of these three “roots” is the... read more

Develop Your Teachable Point of View

In the leadership world, there are a number of cool phrases that represent styles, behaviors or philosophies that help us lead others. One of the most enduring leadership phrases is “teachable point of view”, which is most often attributed to leadership expert Noel Tichy.  A teachable point of view is your opinion on what it takes to lead other people.... read more

Advice for College Graduates

Our youngest son is entering his final year of college this fall, and he's starting to ask for advice about the world of work.  There's a lot to learn in any new industry, company or role, but some advice is timeless, regardless of the new job you're starting (whether you're 22 or 52, I suppose).  Here are the tips I... read more