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The Cool Little Website with the Funny Name

Given that we’re late in the summer, you’re probably finding it harder and harder to get fired up about work this month - and we still have two weeks to go before Labor Day (there’s just something wrong about working in August – I think the Europeans definitely have this one right). Anyway, if you’re not off at a beach... read more

Make Meetings Work for You

Ah, meetings. A quick show of hands from everyone who just loves sitting in meetings… what, no hands in the air?  Not surprised.  Most meetings are a waste of time – yet we keep going to them, or as managers, keep calling them.  What choice do we have?  You work with more than 1 other person, and you’re going to... read more

Smart Briefings on Leadership

If you have time to scan one more daily email as you start your day, here’s one devoted specifically to leadership that I find worthwhile.  It’s called SmartBrief on Leadership, and it’s a daily compilation of leadership news and ideas collected from hundreds of sources, from top newspapers to hard-to-find research reports. The SmartBrief editors pick the most relevant and important... read more

How to Choose a Business Book

All leaders should be reading (or at least skimming) business books.  Most business books can be absorbed in a couple of hours, and yet most leaders can't find the time or don't know which book they should even be reading.  There certainly is no shortage of books to choose from – if you google “business & leadership books” at Amazon, you... read more

When is Too Much Feedback… Too Much?

Score one for feedback junkies. Last month, the Economist ran a story about a new way to satisfy people looking for constant feedback at work.  It’s been said that individuals just entering the workforce thrive on feedback; one example being the millennial generation’s love of video games, which give you instant and continuous feedback on your performance. Turns out this generation is... read more