What Your Boss Wants

The Value a Good Boss Provides

Your boss is the most important character in your work life. No matter how long you’ve been working, I bet you can name every boss you ever had; that’s how powerful their imprint is on us. Most of us have had good and bad bosses at some point in our careers, and we probably learned a lot from both types... read more

What’s Your Primary Motivation?

Primary Motivation: Do You Know What Drives People? In my work as an executive coach, leaders often tell me they can’t “figure out” their boss or colleague. They experience the end result of the interaction, but can’t explain what is driving the behavior. They’re having trouble relating to or understanding the person, or they can’t seem to influence or build... read more

Bad Bosses Can Teach You A Lot

Great news! You know that boss you hate, the one who doesn’t seem to know a thing about leading people?  Guess what – you can learn everything you need to know about leadership if you pay close attention.  Notice everything they do, and then do the opposite.  Remember how well that worked for George on Seinfeld?   Do the opposite, and... read more

A Coaching Story

Here’s a quick coaching story that I’ve heard for years from various leaders. This particular version is attributed to Winston Churchill, but I’ve also heard it credited to Henry Kissinger and Harry Truman (perhaps the whole story is just a legend; no matter, it’s still a great story!). Here’s how the story goes… one of Churchill’s assistants was asked to write... read more

Your Most Important Relationship

Your relationship with your boss matters – a lot.  It’s the most critical factor in your engagement and enjoyment of the job.  If you have a great boss, he’s motivating you to work hard, develop your skills, and thrive in the role.  However, if you have a bad boss, he’s likely the cause of your frustration, disengagement and stress, and... read more