Talent Assessment

Talent Planning

Create a Succession Planning Process

Great companies have one thing in common: strong leadership. It’s no accident that the best companies develop an endless pipeline of competent executives. They invest the time and energy to identify talent, plan moves, and assess leadership potential to ensure they have the right leaders in the right roles.

I have designed talent management systems for several organizations, and can help you develop a customized process that will work for your company. I partner with clients to design a variety of tools and processes, including:

  • Succession Planning
  • Talent Review
  • Bench Strength Analysis
  • Talent Pools
  • Coaching or Mentoring Programs
  • Movement Guidelines
  • Executive Profiles
  • Career Paths

Executive Assessment

Identify Your Company’s Best Talent

Does your company know its leaders’ strengths and development opportunities? The best companies do, because they conduct regular executive assessments. I work with my clients to design and conduct customized assessments that produce two primary insights:

  1. A comprehensive view of an executive’s strengths and development opportunities, which may be used to plan career moves and or promotional readiness
  2. Specific reports that drive individual leadership development plans

I am an organizational psychologist with years of experience in conducting executive assessments, and can help you develop strategies for integrating assessments into your overall talent management system.