Equal Time for Harvard: More Great Online Content

A few weeks ago, we reviewed the Knowledge @ Wharton website and suggested that it might merit inclusion in your favorites list as a regular source for the latest management thinking. Well, its time to give equal time to a couple of Harvard University websites that are just as compelling. After all, how can you leave Harvard off your favorites list? That’s like not having any Beatles on your iPod (oh wait, I think they’re still working on the iTunes version of that…)

The first link to check out is Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. This is Harvard’s answer to Knowledge @ Wharton, and is quite similar – new content from professors and other movers and shakers, with a sophisticated, provocative style. Lots of categories, working papers, commentary, blogs, podcasts, etc. If you’re looking for the latest critical thinking on business, politics and social issues, don’t miss this site – you’re sure to get forceful content and real-time analysis from recognized experts.

The second site that’s worth exploring is Harvard Business Publishing. This link offers a host of content that can be emailed to your desktop on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. I especially like the Management Tip of the Day and the Weekly Hotlist, which is a roundup of the top blog posts, discussions, articles, videos, and other interactive content from HarvardBusiness.org. There is also a variety of newsletters and monthly resources available on topics such as innovation, strategy, organizational development, sales, marketing and leadership & managing people. To sign up for any or all of this content, click here.

The greatest thing about these two sites is that they are free – which is more than we can say for Apple’s long-awaited addition of the Beatles catalog. While not available yet on iTunes, you can buy a $795 Beatles-branded 120GB iPod, exclusively at Bloomingdales. Better yet, just drop Rubber Soul into the CD player and settle back with some great Harvard readings – you’ll feel like an MBA student again!