Steve’s Leadership Approach

I have a passion for leadership, and for helping leaders on their journey of exploration and discovery. I believe the best leaders are those that are constantly striving to improve – they understand that leading others is a privilege, and they are continuously learning, soliciting feedback and working on their game. I also believe the best companies understand this dynamic – which is why they invest in identifying, developing and coaching their leadership talent.


Leadership Practice Areas


Every leader has the capacity for improvement, and executive coaching is often the right catalyst to help leaders take their game to the next level.


My consulting practice is focused exclusively on leadership. If the right leader is in place, a dedicated group of people can accomplish extraordinary things.


In keynote presentations and leadership workshops, I offer practical advice on what it takes to excel as a leader in today’s competitive business environment.

Latest News

Work Backwards From The End Game

This is a simple way to solve problems or study an issue – start with the outcome you’d like to achieve. Describe it, reach consensus on it, and then start to work backwards from the end – “OK, given that final outcome or result, what has to happen for us to achieve that?”

Do Less, Think More

I work with a variety of companies, and I’m amazed at how many of my clients are running 100 miles an hour. All I hear is “there’s just a lot going on” or “we’re really busy right now.” It seems like you hear this a lot more than you did 20 or even 10 years ago.

Know 3 Things About Your Role

I first developed this insight about seven years ago when I started at Capital One – which is a wonderful company that really stretches people and challenges them to be their best. It became clear to me that, in this company, you better know three things about your role at all times: