Steve’s Leadership Approach

I have a passion for leadership, and for helping leaders on their journey of exploration and discovery. I believe the best leaders are those that are constantly striving to improve – they understand that leading others is a privilege, and they are continuously learning, soliciting feedback and working on their game. I also believe the best companies understand this dynamic – which is why they invest in identifying, developing and coaching their leadership talent.


Leadership Practice Areas


Every leader has the capacity for improvement, and executive coaching is often the right catalyst to help leaders take their game to the next level.


My consulting practice is focused exclusively on leadership. If the right leader is in place, a dedicated group of people can accomplish extraordinary things.


In keynote presentations and leadership workshops, I offer practical advice on what it takes to excel as a leader in today’s competitive business environment.

Latest News

Mentors Can Show You the Way

The great thing about developing yourself as a leader is that you don’t have to make the journey alone. There is an ancient Buddhist proverb that says: “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”.

How To Lead Yourself

A common theme from the calls was how challenging it is to lead with optimism and enthusiasm when you yourself are worried, stressing over reduced budgets and resources, or just plain “not having much fun.” What is a leader to do?

What to Do When Starting a New Role

What are the right moves to make as you enter a new organization or a new department of your current company? Here are a few tips for anyone starting a new leadership role.